About Us

Our Company

Sutphin Drugs Inc are licensed distributors of US-FDA approved RLD’s, Brand Name Drugs, Generic Drug Products and  IV solutions sold in the United States.  We are in this business for over 35 years.

Sutphin Drugs Inc. can supply all drugs for Clinical Research and Product Development at your Institute.  The drugs that are controlled by US DEA can also be supplied with proper documents. Drugs with limited distribution are treated on individual basis. 

Sutphin Drugs Inc specializes in sourcing branded Innovator Samples/Reference Listed Drugs (RLD) in required quantities as well as products that are unavailable from most suppliers.

We can promptly fulfill your need of products from same or multiple lots at very competitive prices.

Products shipments can be done under various temperature controls, from room temperature to refrigerated and frozen conditions. Your needs, can be shipped using  FEDEX, DHL or other Courier companies of your choice.

We have partnered with leading logistics and courier partners which allow us to efficiently get your RLDs to you on or ahead of time.